Who We Are

The world is filled with stories worth telling. Woodland View Productions tells those stories through film, television, animation, and web. We pride ourselves on our experience with the whole of production. In the end, we have a simple goal: Full spectrum storytelling.

Our Mission:

To show you something you weren’t expecting.
To show you something you’ve never seen.
To show you the world through our eyes.

To give you a Woodland View.

Daniel Shepard
CEO and Founder

Daniel is a writer, producer, director and editor from Independence, Kansas. For six years Daniel worked with the television series, Inside The Actors Studio, in the roles of Production Associate, Associate Producer, Audience Coordinator and Assistant to the Host. On his own time Daniel has worked in the style of documentary, theater, interview, animation and web. Woodland View Productions was founded in 2011 as the home to his collection of original content. Woodland View operates with a single intent: Do great work with great people.

Keith Shepard
Vice President

Keith is a writer, producer, and editor from Independence, Kansas. He chose a different path than his brother and received his B.S. in Advertising and Promotion and is currently pursuing his MBA in Marketing at Missouri State University. When Keith manages to find free time, he uses it to write and develop short comedic videos. Though the path was different, the destination was always Woodland View Productions.

Partners and Clients

Over Shots Productions

Ugly Rhino Productions

Sunday Night Studios


Robin Steele

Kamron Robinson

Timmy Oyen