Chicks on a Bench

Chicks on a Bench is an animated comedy series about two writing partners who accidentally become overnight internet stars.

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King of The Hill meets Squidbillies in this hilarious animated series about a rundown Zoo in Freedom, Kansas and the rag-tag group of locals who try and keep the place afloat.

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Web Series

Nice Guy

Californication meets Louie in this web series about a depressed, twenty-something photographer wading through relationships, jobs and bars in New York City.

When Caleb Sullivan (Andrew Ruth) left college, he had all the talent to be a notable photographer in the New York art scene, but opted, instead, to “grow up” for his long-time girlfriend and get a desk job. Three years later, she’s left him for another guy and he’s just been fired. Now, Caleb finds himself on a path of self-destruction as he navigates from one bad decision to another.


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Grief Trailer

Tiny Rhino Commercial


A History of 13P

Coming this summer.

A documentary about thirteen playwrights who came together in 2003 and formed an award-winning theater company.